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let's go Mecca

Madinah, 11 Oktober 2011
07:00 Arab Saudi's time
We are used bus number 2418
Check out from hotel, and then go to Bir Ali first. After that Mecca..

Bir Ali i'm in love <3

on our way To Mecca

In a toilet
I met peoples from Turkey, and then i saw a little boy.
And i tried to hold him. But when his mother wanted to hold him back, he didn't want.
Oww i think he loves me.
Oh my God, i would take him to Indonesia if i could.

do not copy paste without permission~

AMY :)
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zia - rah (2nd time)

Madinah, 8 Oktober 2011
Start 09:13 WAS (Waktu Arab Saudi)
Go "ziarah" to Jabal Magnit and Holy Qur'an Printing Complex.
But we are waiting for a long loooooong time,
so we take our picture in front of hotel..

 mom, sis-sy, and me

Jabal Magnit

Holy Qur'an Printing Complex

 mom, sis-sy, and me

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Keep loving me, guys.
AMY :)
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zia - rah (first)

Madinah, 5 Oktober 2011
Go "ziarah" to Quba mosque, Kurma's Garden, Jabal Uhud, and Qiblatain mosque.
We used 901 Dallah's bus.

Quba mosque

Kurma's garden

Jabal Uhud

Qiblatain mosque
So sorry because we didn't enter the mosque. Time is OVER T__T

Back to "Barakah Elyas" Hotel

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AMY :)
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i found it

Dear blogger,
Finally i found my notebook
aaaaaaaaaa... how lucky i am ! :D :D :D
next post insya Allah ceritanya sudah lengkap dengan tanggal dan waktunya :)

i got this image from my instagram, follow me : amiongs

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Nabawi - Madinah

Dear blogger,
Finally kami sampai di Madinah, langsung cuss ke Mesjid Nabawi untuk sujud syukur. Dan bertemu muslimah dari India. She is a beautiful teacher. She loves me by the way. :D

(dari kiri-kanan : mom, aku, muslimah india, kakak, tante sunggu)

Lalu bertemu bayi-bayi mancanegara :* :* :*

This is me (di pelataran mesjid)

do not copy paste without permission~

Thank you for reading guys..
AMY :)
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our way

Dear blogger,
So many times not posting about my journey to Baitullah,
This post about our way to Madinah.
Bismillaaaahhhh ..........

the view

our bus and its numbers

my father and the driver

AMY :)
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new playlist

Dear blogger,
Remove my old playlist (again)
and make a new one, with :
I won't give up -  Jason Mraz (accoustic)

I'm in love with his song and the lyrics.

.... I won't give up on us
Even if the skies get rough ....

.... I won't give up on us
God knows I'm tough, he knows ....
Terima kasih pembaca..
Keep loving me,
AMY :)
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Alhamdulillaaaaah, sampai di bandara - jeddah.
Lupa sampainya jam berapa (masih saja lupa),
Tapi kalau nggak salah waktu sana menunjukkan sekitaran sore hari.

Lalu ngantri - mengantri urus pass

Dan akhirnya sambil menunggu bus yang akan mengantar kami ke Madinah, this is me :)

thank you pembaca :*

AMY :)