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break broke broken

Hello (again),
Finally can post 'something' to my blog..

Okay, i'll tell you about my love story..
So many times didn't tell you about that, isn't it?

After all this time we are together,
I, (more precisely) WE decided to break up ! 


There are so many people 'want to knooow', or i always call them '(KEPO) or knowing every particulary objects'
So i just made the conclusion of this story, in 4 BIG question ~

1. "How do you feel, rahmi ?"
Everyone knows, how it feels

2. "So what will you do, after it was over?"

3. "When did you decide to breaking up?"
July, 2012

4. "Why you share your story, NOW?"
Because i need to dress up my feelings before shared to you

dulu berdua, sekarang berdua sama bayangan~

So many tears I’ve cried 
So much pain inside 
But baby It ain’t over ‘til it’s over 
So many years we’ve tried
To keep our love alive 
But baby it ain’t over ‘til it’s over 
(It ain't over till it's over - Lenny Kravitz)

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Keep loving me guys, AMY :)

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