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intro - duction

Dear blogger,
Let me introduce my family.

my parents~
   Hj. Zamsani, She was born on July 23th 1954. She is a religious teacher. She is the greatest chef i've ever had. She likes to make a delicious cake but never exposed. :p

   H. Muhammad Basri, Born on March 25th 1954. He is a lecturer. He hates chocolate, by the way. He is possessive, but i know he did it because he loved his family

next .....

my sister~
Actually i only have one sister. You can see in the picture, right?
# SISTER (re: sissy)
   Hj. Ridha Shafayani Basri. Born on July 13th 1990. She is a student of psychology. Love PINK. We are both like chocolate, pizza, ice cream, and junkfood. There are many similarities between us. Yeah, we are like twins :D

Well, i think this is enough for the first introduction. About my previous post, i promise tomorrow i'll tell you darling *wink*.
Thankyou for reading~

AMY :)

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